Please call 503-234-8887 for location.

The Portland Sakya Center for the study of Mahayana and Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism meets on Monday evenings, from 7PM to 8:30.

At this time of the global recession, the usual Monday night meditation schedule has been set aside to allow for a discussion regarding the fears that arise with job loss or with associated fears. This is a general discussion, using the insights from teachings of the Buddha and other great Buddhist bodhisattvas. There will be no charge and people from all walks of life are welcome to attend.

On the third Monday evenings of the month, the practice includes the Transference of Merit. These prayers are specific for those who have died. The transference is designated not only for those who have had a recent death, but benefits the dead on the anniversary of their death. The merit that is accumulated through the recitation of specific prayers follows the deceased through the death barrier to benefit their new lifetime.

On the First Saturday of each month, there is a two hour teaching and discussion teaching for regularly attending students and students who may be new to the Center, but have had previous experience in dharma practice. Eligibility is determined by the resident teacher who may be contacted at 503-234-8887 or at Any questions you may have may be directed to the same connections.

In addition to the location in Portland, there is a sister center in Astoria, under the direction of senior student, Rosetta Hurley. Time and location is available by calling 503-325-6077.

The Sayka Center often hosts special events. Please visit out Coming Events page for more information.

About the Portland Sakya Center
The Portland Sakya Center for the practice of Vajrayana (Tibetan) and Mahayana Buddhism, meets on Monday night at 7 to 8:30 PM, except on major legal holidays, at the Portland Dharma Center, 25th & S.E. Madison (one block north of Hawthorne). Enter on the west side (up the steps).

Current Director and Resident Teacher
The current director and resident teacher for the Center is Ani Gilda Paldrön Taylor, an ordained Tibetan Buddhist nun, appointed to the position in 1991 by His Holiness Sakya Trizin. She can be reached at the information below.

More information: 503-234-8887

Mailing Address:
Portland Sakya Center for Tibetan Buddhism
743 SE 60th Ave.
Portland, OR 97215-1905



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